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Babble Self Hosted 2.4.0


I've been working to get 2.4.0 stable and released sometime this week. it will have the following changes:

  • clubs - babble will be able to be used in clubs.
  • improved online list (hopefully i have solved the ghosting problem, from my testing it seems to be resolved. remember if the user is logged in anonymously they will not show in the online list, this is to remain consistent with way IPS works, so keep this in mind if you experience it after this update.)
  • removed the sources/Node folder. babble.js and package.json will be available to you in the ACP under node settings. this was done to reduce the overall size of babble's tar file for various reasons. as some sites owners are not willing or unable to increase the upload size limits. and it can be a hassle to have to upload via ftp and then run the upgrade process manually. 
  • removed the emoji one library, this was an a frivolous addition to babble early on. i will make the images available so existing messages can still use them. i might make it an "addon" later on for babble, but we will see. it is also a very "large" library, and my goal with this version is to reduce the install tar of babble.
  • i've also been working on resolving currently any open bug reports with this release.
  • will no longer support nginx or apache proxies, they were a very messy work around for ssl, but since babble now supports SSL, these are no longer required, and they lead to much confusion to people trying to set it up.
  • removed the SSL tab in configuration. this again lead to much confusion when people were trying to configure SSL. 
  • if it is not obvious, version 2.4 will only be IPS 4.2+ compatible, as the addition of clubs has broken backwards compatibility.

this version also heavily modifies the babble.js and the node modules installed.  there will be a new install guide to go along with this release. so once you upgrade the app, the babble front end will more than likely stop working. if you have any questions or comments, leave them below.  

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