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CJ Menu 2.0.0 Preview


CJ Menu 2.0.0 Preview.

New Features:

  • More: replaces the "slide menu"
  • Sub Menus stay open on screen resize
  • Sub Menus resize on screen resize.
  • Enhanced Mobile Menus (bigger sub menu's, for easier use on touch devices)
  • Changed "back to top" from menu, to lower right hand corner.
  • New menu "type". Internal: allows partial URL's from your site, to allow easier portability if sites URL changes.
  • Improved "Import Navigation".
  • Movable "User Menu".
  • Improved Menu Activation (now if you are in a topic, its forum will activate. available for all of IPS applications)

Most of the improvements in 2.0.0 are done on the code level.

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