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as some of you might know, cj menu was my first app for IPS 4.0, and it was also a "testing" ground for various ideas, some better than the others. to put it simply i made a lot of bad mistakes with cj menu. things i didn't quite understand at the time due to lack of documentation and/or experimenting with the framework in different ways. cj menu does work and remained relatively solid for long periods, but its "code" base i would've said when i came out with it would've allowed flexibility to add new things in easily, i now say is a beast with two left feet and a gaping maw that constantly runs into walls. so i would like to know everyone's thought one CJ Menu 4, what you liked about it, what you hated about it, and what you would like to see in 5. 

It would be invaluable to get your feedback on things, so i have an idea where to take it. cause CJ Menu in general was well "CJ's Menu" not a true "Menu Manager" i had envisioned it be. as for the version bump, i will not be "re-releasing" it, it will replace CJ Menu 4, so there wont be any messy "re-buys" to it. this is something i owe the people who have bought it and been supportive of it for a long while, so it wouldn't be right of me to recharge cause i messed up a few years ago when designing it. so please leave your comments down below :) 

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