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CJ Menu EOL, Introducing Menu Groups Manager


I've spent the last few weeks thinking long and hard about this, CJ Menu needs a rewrite. it was my first 4 app coming from IPS 3.x. as it was a "learning curve" app, there were a lot of things i was unfamiliar with and was making "work arounds", that could be done differently in the framework or better. as i was looking at the codebase (face palming a lot) i decided that it would be better to start from scratch and create a new app. So Menu Groups Manager was born out of this decision.

Menu Groups Manager will have a lot of the same features that CJ Menu has (plus new features), it wont be feature parity with it, as some features in cj menu weren't given a lot of thought, i just added them cause i thought they were "cool" or "interesting". so with MGM, the plan is to figure out what features are good, which ones are bad and go from there. It will also address issues that were introduced with me tacking on features over the years with it.

I will make a more indepth what is being kept/removed and the new features when i begin to finalize them. I am always opened to suggestions, and this would be the perfect time to ask for them :).

Also a side note, anyone who has purchased CJ Menu, will have an opportunity to get Menu Groups Manager for free for a limited time after Menu Groups Manager is released.


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