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Demo Request and Site Url's


When you request a demo key, the process requires you to be registered member of the site and for you to enter your site URL.

It is important that you enter your site url or other wise the demo will not work, as babble will use your site's url as an identifier when it connects to the chat service.

Now i don't harvest the URL's or even keep them in a human readable format, I use a hashing algorithm. My goal is to keep as much identifying information off my servers as possible, in case of breaches or other uncontrollable things.

for the demo keys, this is what the information looks like when I view it in the ACP and what is stored in my database:





I offer up this information freely and want to be as transparent as i can about it, to show that the data is in a virtual unusable state, and is only being used to generate the key and to connect babble to that key so it can operate. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this, let me know and i will try to answer and/or address them.



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