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IPS Market and other news


If you have purchased a package from here, and wish the invoice to be moved to the IPS market, please send me a PM with your IPS email address and i will generate you a invoice over there. Please take notice, that renewal terms are different on the IPS market. 

For babble Chat Service users, the next version i will be changing the "license key email" to "license key identifier", you will be able to find this in Store->manage purchases (it is not up yet, but will be in a few days, i'll send out a email when it is ready). your license key will remain active during the transition and after it. I am making this change due to discussions going on about the IPS market, as some clients don't feel "comfortable" in having to register at another site, but babble chat service requires a license key, so i will need to be able to generate a license key without having to tie it to an email. if you wish to have your babble chat service invoice transferred to IPS, let me know and i can do that as well. 

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