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I will be coming out with a free new app/tool. I have stripped out a part of the toolbox, the Dev Toy Box, and will be releasing it as a stand alone app. I actually do use these tools quite a bit, but i've noticed toolbox is starting to have issues with php 8.2+, this is largely due to issues with in the IPS 4.x framework (where they are still largely doing things the way you would've done them in php 5.3, that are now deprecated in php 7+). I don't have any inclination to continue to try to fix IPS shortcomings any longer (to clarify this, i think any and all php software should be able to run with E_ALL enabled without suppressing anything. currently IPS doesn't allow this, as it throws a lot of deprecation warnings). Anyway this isn't meant to be a IPS rant, but an announcement to Dev Toys.

Dev Toys will take the Dev Toy Box from the toolbox app, and allow you to run it without the toolbox. I can see some limited use outside of development for this app. 

Screenshot from 2024-06-13 04-09-21.png

it will have several tools, including converters, encoders/decoders and generators. I personally use the images converter to convert between png to webp and webp to png or various other formats. 

Hopefully it will out over the next week or so. again it will be free. 


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