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Stratagem 3.3.0 release


Stratagem 3.3.0 has been released under the new subscription model. 

I've always wanted to do a central app that was required for all my apps, as I use a lot of "shared" libraries in my apps that i've created, that i will fix a bug in one of those and forget to bring it to the other apps or forget where i fixed the bug or when. So this shared app allows me to have only one app that actives the license key and checks on its status when it needs too and also keeps libs i've created to be shared among my apps into one location. 

This will likely help a great deal with version 5 of IPS, as i have plans on moving over to a framework that plugins into IPS, but use very little IPS code to avoid issues in the future that always plagues me. this should also allow me to more easily move my apps over to other platforms like xenforo and wordpress moving on in the future. 

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