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No Response 2.8.11

Hello Michael

I can tell you in detail what happened.

I was on 2.8.10 and the latest IPS release. 

  • Babble worked nice for us, and older members, but not new members.
  • They complained they could not see editor. Came a lot of members into the chat with saying a word.
  • I logged in as them and they where right. Deleted cache and all that on serverside as well.
  • Then I installes 2.8.11 - all was the same.
  • Then i tried the plug-in , on and off, and all was the same. Deleted cache and everything as usual.
  • Then one of the old chatters also lost editor, and then I disabled Babble.

This is how i looked


I'm now testing another chat solution, so I might be abandoning Babble. We have been extremely happy with it BTW.

Regards and take care

Kjell Iver

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on the rooms, edit the room and check the "group content" tab, make sure all the groups are 0, and then save it. you might have set it at one time and forgot or there might be some corrupted data for it. i'm assuming the old and new members are all in the same group? cause other then the check for group content, the permission checking is boilerplate IPS.

the plugin was to correct a weird problem where the extend class being passed to babble's editor class was a empty class (a stdclass) so it didn't have the parent methods, this was either cause by another third party plugin/app or something related to the users specific server, as i couldn't duplicate it and the hook was just replacing babble's editor class to use the IPS editor class instead. 

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