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Slap command

Suggestion 2.5.1

This is just a minor suggestion and nothing important, but most of my users are old Mirc users, and are used to the /slap command - that give like "kjiver slaps michael around with a big trout" or something like that.

I can't find out how to write my own commends- do you have a guide for that?

BTW tha european server works fine for us..

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not atm, but the basic command works identical to the way they use to. so you could create new command, select "basic".

for the content, do something like this:

#user# slaps #msg#

then for the command help, have

/slaps <username> some message

so when they did /slaps bob with a big stick it would parse out to:

michael slaps bob with a big stick

or you can just have the #msg# be the user name and add your own phrase for it:

#user# slaps #msg# with a wet noodle

so they can do:

/slaps bob

and it will print out:

michael slaps bob with a wet noodle.

you don't have to end there, you could always create one where they can insert their own message, and then have predefined ones like /slapFish /slapNoodle, etc. i should add a setting in the commands however, that makes a second parameter a requirement, just thought nothing is stopping them from doing /slaps without a second argument.

I'll try get a more detailed guide out for advanced and basic out this weekend (been busy tackling this online list issue that still creeping up).

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