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Setting Up GitHub


To link a github to a project in stratagem, you will need to configure your github account first.

Go to your github account, go to settings and click on "developer options". Once in developer options, choose "Personal access tokens". click on "Generate New Token".

Fill out the note with whatever you want, for scopes select all the "repo" options.


Now click on generate. you will be presented with a screen with a personal access token. make sure you copy this access token as you wont be able to view it after you leave the page.


now go to your project in stratagem, go to settings. scroll down to the "Repository" section of the settings, for type, select 'GitHub'.

For account name, this will be your account name from github. make sure you type it exactly how it is on github.

use the personal access token you generated from github, and place it in Client Secret.

next type in the name of the repository you want to sync to (make sure you type it exactly how it premiers on github).

if you want to pull issues from your tracker from github, make sure you enable 'Pull Issues" and also select which column you would like the cards to import too.

The task for pulling issues runs every 12 hours.

With github now synced with your project, you will be able to attach commits to any cards created in your project. if you mark a card as complete and it is a card that was imported from issues, it will mark the issue as complete in your tracker. if you mark the imported card as uncomplete, it will also mark it as open on your tracker.



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