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Notification of Duplicate Member Logger in ACP

Gremlins 1.2.3 2.0.0

I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but I wanted to report.  You can adjust a member's email or inline notification for "New Duplicates in ModCP" via the ACP, even when that member is not a moderator and should not receive any notifications.

Steps to investigate:

  • In the ACP, go to the profile of any user who is not a moderator or administrator (or who doesn't have moderator permission to access CJ DML)
  • Click on Edit Preferences > Notifications tab.  
  • Scroll to bottom of notifications list.  Notice how there is a choice to toggle the Duplicate Member Logger, even though that member should not have access.  


The notification option is hidden on the front-end.  It just appears in the ACP.  

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