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Babble Chat Service


Update: the service will be up later tonight, I am -6 UTC, i hope to having up before midnight my time (which is 9 hours away), but a few components i made, were built on 4.1 and i am needing to update them for 4.2 (minor changes, shouldn't take long, but i will want to test them first). 


I will be launching the long awaited Babble Chat service on Monday 7/31/2017. I had plans on doing it today, but that was before a violent storm decided to tear thru my neighborhood and now has left me without power since Saturday night  at around 9pm :( (i am still without power, but at a friends so i could get some work done). So i was unable to get all the pieces put together like I wanted too on sunday to get the chat service rolling today.

I will continue to support both types of babble (the self hosted and the service) but i will no longer be offering the babble self hosted version for sale to the general public, unless they want to pay $500 for it (however if you are interested in the self hosted version, contact me first, the price will be much lower than what is listed, same with renewal). the reasons for this are many, but to put it simply I've grown weary of the complaints from either non-technical people, people who don't see that it has special requirements and/or people who misunderstand that it isn't going to be a free service like IPS had. I might put together a "free version" later, but at this point i haven't given it much thought. unlike IPS I am not a corporation with thousands of clients, where i can offer something like this free of charge. 

I also do not plan on making great amounts of money off of the service. most of the renewal, along with the purchase price, goes towards the application and its maintenance. out of the $25 every six month renewal, the actual service is about $9 per license (the service is actual at cost) the rest goes to my time involved in updates/new features/support. 

Current Self Hosted/Trial Service:

if you are currently a self host client and would be interested in the service, please contact me and i can explain in further details the terms of it will be. If you are in the current trial service, please contact me ASAP so i can see if you will continue to use the service, if so, so i get you setup. I sent out an email, but i have only heard back from a few people.




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