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Where to begin, i thought 2020 was a bad year, but so far 2021 has turned out to be a pretty bad year as well.

the year started off with loosing my business, and having to find a new job. then i got the flu, and it took me down for several weeks, and then in early may, i was attacked by a cat on my leg. I kept the wound clean and all seemed to be going fine. it barely hurt, there was no discoloration, there was some slight swelling but it "seemed" fine. then about a week after the attack, after dinner, i got really tired, like to the point, where i "passed" out at my desk and hit my head. I just thought i was just exhausted, as i hadn't gotten that much sleep the last few nights. so i went to bed, then the next 4 or 5 days, i was in and out of it and hadn't realized that 5 days had passed, till my sister showed up one morning, as i hadn't been answering my phone. she thought i was dead, and forced me out of bed and rushed me to the emergency room.

The cat bites had become septic and i was very close to death, if my sister hadn't come when she did, i would've probably been dead the next day or so. They admitted me, and started me on a massive amounts of antibiotics. I also went thru 3 surgeries on my leg, to remove damaged or dead tissue and i have a gaping wound and under home wound care (as i have a wound vac attached to my leg to help the wound heal). I will more than likely need to under go another surgery for skin grafts.

I was released last week, and i was unable to walk on my own (i required use of a walker or wheel chair, as i was unable to stand for more than a few seconds on my own). All last week, i had a home care nurse for physical therapy come every day, forced me up out of bed, forced me to walk around, and to get me back to doing things on my own. after about 3 days, I realized i no longer need the use of the chair or walker, and that i was able to stand and do a fair bit of walking with only a fair amount of discomfort that went away if i sat down. 

Today i was able to walk up the 25 or so stairs to go up stairs on my own, it hurt quite a bit, but what is it they say "no pain, no gain", my PT nurse says i've made excellent progress in a very short amount of time. I am also now able to sit at my desk for than a few minutes, so i will be returning back to at least work on my apps and anything else outstanding, as i'm on extended medical leave from my other job atm (as the shop insurance wont cover me if i had any accidents or injured my leg while i was there). 

so to say the least, i defied death once again, and i am quite eager to start doing something again, as i've been going stir crazy this last month or so (as the hospital wouldn't let me have my laptop, the reason they gave was i needed to rest, so they only left me with my phone and i watch a buttload of youtube and netflix. btw, army of the dead, what a god damn let down.)

anyway, i hope you all are well, and if you have any questions, let me know. Like i said, i'm quite eager to be more productive again.

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My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you on reading about all of the trials and tribulations you have had to endure over the past couple of years.  

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Sorry to hear about all the shit that has been going on in your life recently. I know myself first hand how injury can force you on a different path.

I wish you a speedy recovery and a hell of a better time going forward for the rest of the year!

Take care.... 👍

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