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As some of you have noticed, i seemed to have either abandoned my apps or just disappeared. fear not, i am still actively developing and around. the reason for radio silence, life. as some of you know i do have a job outside of my development, we took on a new contract there from several local business and were upgrading their systems, so i was quite busy (as i usually work from home, but this last several weeks, i was out in the field).

the other even that happened, like most, i have a laptop and a desktop and i also have roommates. I usually use my laptop thru out the day to do things with and at night, its the domain of my sisters children (for school) and/or my sister (for her work) and i use my desktop. however at the beginning of the year, i purchased a new motherboard and cpu (any one curious it was a ryzen 6 1600) and a new monitor (a samsung 4k tv). well after a few days, my gpu died (gtx 970) and i was forced to go back to my intel cpu/mobo to use it's onboard gpu (as ryzen doesn't have one) and i was limited to 30hz on my new monitor (and it was causing me headaches) so i was unable to work, till late in the evening (around 9pm) but i that was nearing my bedtime (as i was getting up around 4am for my other job).

so these two events left me with very limited time to keep up with everything, but i am back now. I am also looking to hire a friend of mine who is familiar with my apps, to help me out in times like this, but i will need to bring him up to speed as things like the babble chat service can be daunting to some one who is unfamiliar with how it operates.

Over the next few weeks i will be addressing the outstanding issues and reports i have. monday i will be releasing a updated versions of downloads plus to address a few issues that have cropped up in it and to introduce a few new features that have been requested.


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