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Babble permissions issue?

  • Babble 2.2.4 Pending Bug

Hello, Recently installed Babble on a new installation. I can message and use it just fine as an Administrator, however even with permissions set for the groups no one else can use it. It does not see them as online either, and prompts an error upon attempting to use.

Babble is not connected to the node server, please contact the administrator!

I've checked permissions to ensure they have view and message rights, as well as checked to make sure it's connected as I've checked multiple devices. It only works for me.

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if the messages shows immediately when enter a room, before send a messages, then it is having trouble connecting to node.js.

if it is happening when trying to send a message, then a few things could be happening, the most common is the private key for babble in the ACP doesn't match what is in the babble.js node script. 

other common causes, if you are using cloudflare you will need to contact them about which ports you can use. firewalls (both client and servers) can also be blocking the ports. for your server check with your hosting provider to see if the chosen port (the script by default usually uses 3000, but you can change it).

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There are no errors for when I use babble myself. Only other users (It doesn't show them in online either for babble).

I checked on the private key and they're both the same, I reset it just to make sure and the problem still lingers. (including restarting nodejs)

I do not use Cloudflare at all. I also attempted different ports, No change.


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when you changed the privatekey and ports, did you also restart the babble.js in nodejs?

do you instantly appear in the online list when you log into it, or does it take like 20 to 30 seconds for you to appear? and are you able to send messages?

if you could also provide me with ACP access to your site, i could look at the configuration you have and see if there is anything there (you can send it to me in PM)

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