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Version 3 so far



in the video above, you can see the UI changes i've been mentioning for babble for awhile. with the service trial underway, I soon hope to have 3 available for testing, as it is the version that was designed with the service in mind (well a multi-site babble.js). 

in this video i will go over how the new UI looks and works. The Online list is no longer apart of the "room" and you are technically connected to "each" room you can view, so you will get notifications if there are new messages in the room since you "joined", works the same with whispers.

there isn't currently a whole lot of styling going on in the messages as i am redoing the templates for those and haven't finished them yet.

whispers will now be "persistent", they will reload the previous conversations and if the person you had the convo with isn't online, they will "show" a offline in your list, until you "leave" the whisper (which isn't implemented yet, so it wasn't shown). If you leave a whisper, and the person whispers you again, you will still have access to the previous convo, the history of whispers will be determined by the site admin,  they can be retained for only a few days to indefinite, but this will be up to the site admin when to clear out old whispers.

There will also be private rooms you can create, and invite people into them. they will be given the option to join or to decline. only the owner of the private room will be able to kick/add people (if they've been kicked, they wont be able to rejoin, you will need to invite them again). if you the owner of the private room leaves, then the room will also be removed and any remaining members will not be able to access the room any longer. any member can opt to leave a private room at any time, upon doing so they will need to be invited again by the owner.

I also show off some of the features in the ACP like the new bots and commands :). (neither work atm due to the changes or i'd show them off too).


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Looking forward to v3 as well.

We bought the full version on IPS. I hope you don't drop support for the self-hosted, or if you do, let us hop into the service for free.

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