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Future Version Possibilities

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1. Advertisement / card (text to image)

I was thinking when a url is submitted, build like a "twitter card" of it, by grabbing its meta data or a screenshot of the site (I have a node.js script that can take beautiful screenshots of sites, it just needs some tweaks to it).  I'm not a 100% sure if this is what you meant, but this is what i was thinking :).

2. Alias for command (translation)

I like this idea, just not sure how i'm gonna do it. There are 2 types of commands in babble, file based (which allows for a very broad things that can be done) and basic replacement type (these can be added in the acp in configuration, they work similar to how adding bbc did in 3.x). I'll have to give this one some consideration, as it will require a bit of planning to do properly as "commands" are core part to the message processing.

3. /report chat to moderator or invite... /status inactive-online-... hide user commands to other user(?) moderator could see it

I was planning on creating a report command, will have to see how to send reports when not using a content item class :)

this has been added, its not a "command" it will be available in the drop down when you click on the username in the message area. it will report the message.

4. remove rooms inactive after x time

the rooms are static, they only eat up resources if some one is in them so i don't see what this could accomplish. They can only be created in the ACP and i have no plans to allow their creation on the front end at this time. If this is a feature that is in high demand, I will reconsider it.

5. /stats show best shouters

I don't store any states atm for who is shouting and how often, but i don't see why something couldn't be created from the messages table to retrieve this data. :)

6. archive feature

I've given a lot of thought to this, on how best to do it. I was thinking of doing an "infinite scroll" eventually or a "load previous 25 messages" or something like that, but I see the messages as a "temporary thing", not so much of a concrete record of convo's :), but i'll take this one under advisement.

7. embed video / audio (like show image)

if you are wanting a video/audio player to load for an upload for a video/audio file, then this will more than likely be out of the question. audio/video is tricky even with html5, due to the players are limited to the codecs the clients OS has. If some one uploaded say a mp4, and the client trying to view the video and they don't have the right codecs. the video/audio wouldn't play and that is a potential support nightmare i don't want to deal with :). But they will link as downloadable if they are uploaded :).

8. new registration

Hope you mean have the notification bot send a message about some one who has newly registered and not create a command to allow them to register thru babble :). I don't see an issue with this one, it might end up in it before release. 

This has been added in.

9. api for android/apple devices app

what features would you want with this API? i haven't started one, as babble is pretty open, one could add in a API on their own, to fit their needs, don't want  to bind any one to a "babble box". 

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I have merged more things into one :P

1. Advertisement i talking about nexus integration for add automated advert if:

  • message contain some text ( Phrase Bot match "fiat"  {advertisement="fiat"} this )
  • for gaming community, "/card me style1" like psnprofiles.com (/card who? style? options)
  • Import feed rss (twitter, facebook)


  • /report on menu option for each row for send a mp or report to moderator
  • /invite to join into a private chat
  • any personal command must be hidden from other

4. if you allow to create rooms on front side, the automation for remove could be useful.

6. like a option for enable archive system

7. you are right, consider it only when a client would a app for chat (android, apple...)

9. see point 7

good job, i take a look sometimes ;)

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one of the reasons why the bots can use html/bbc is so you can insert advertisements in them. not sure about plugging it into the template engine tho. might reconsider it if there is a lot of demand for it. I'm not sure what you mean by "/card me style1" i don't have a ps4 and i've never heard of psnprofiles.com :). with the sockets class that babble comes with, some one could create a "feed bot" and have it send messages to the room as a bot, so unless there is a lot of demand, I don't see me expanding the bots much more than what is already there.

reporting has been added in, it will be apart of the menu that appears when you click on a username in the message area (not the online list). sending a whisper is sort the same thing as a /invite, they can choose to ignore it :). commands/menu options the user/group doesn't have access to are removed/hidden from them. I'll take rooms creation to happen on the front end under consideration, but like i said i don't have any plans to do it.

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consider also to merge concurrent chat... if previous chat author is always me the content is merged with before chat (a option to leave the choise at admin)

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I see that being a good feature in the forums or comments, but this is a messenger system. I can't think of any chatroom or messenger program that does this :)

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see telegram whatsapp facebook evolving... they have this feature, think about a bot that repeat 10 times the username or other some data. bad to see also on mobile. my list is all here :P thanks for continue developing ;)

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i've added in aliasing, basic stats and archiving to 2.1 i really don't see anything else on the list here that i'd want to implement. unless good arguments can be made :)

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On 6/30/2016 at 6:53 AM, Michael said:

the /img command does this, it doesn't store it on your server however if that is what you meant.

Alright, How about a toggle for "Default View", so that all viewers are defaulted to Reverse Order instead of Bottom to Top (New messages)

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42 minutes ago, thom.cameron21694 said:

Alright, How about a toggle for "Default View", so that all viewers are defaulted to Reverse Order instead of Bottom to Top (New messages)

don't see why i couldn't add it. it will only effect members who haven't set it before.

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