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Give Username Field a maximum size

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Hello again,

this is a suggestion based on the experience in our forum, where people tend to use long usernames (up to 4 words at times). One might say that we could prohibit this, but since we are a forum based around Tolkien's languages, names tend to reflect this (e. g. nicknames like hobbit names: "Meriadoc Brandybuck" is nothing uncommon in this realm).

The problem here is that in the chat, the names are wrapped, which leads to the text input are being at least double the height of "normal-length" username entries. (I have attached a screenshot to make more clear what I'm trying to say. Black blocks indicate a "normal-lenght" username, which does not force wrapping, and hence only uses a normal-height text block, opposed to the red blocks indicating a member with a long username, whose text field is higher even if their utterance is not significantly longer (text field height highlighted with rectangles and comment each).

Is it possible to

  1. add an option for administrators to instead cut the username length, so that we can avoid those high text fields,
  2. change this globally, if there's enough interest from other people too, perhaps?

We understand that might be much work for a "little" problem, and if that's too much to ask, don't do it. But if you could spare the time it would be great for our forum. :-)

Best regards,



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let me play around, it should be possible to do this with css atm, in 3 it works a bit different, the displayname appears over the message itself, instead of beside it like in 2 (as 2 was designed after IPS chat, 3 is a mixture of skype/slack/other messengers). 

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