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Slim down the theme?

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Is there any chance we could get a less bloated box? On mobile it takes up such a large area, and on normal view it's still quite large.

What I'm talking about is this look


Vs how bloated this is


Maybe a few toggles / configs? Or I could pay / commission to customize this one.

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could you be a bit more specific what you think is "bloated"?

I do have plans on redoing some of the templates, as i'm not happy with how they turned out (one of them is how it collapses, used IPS responsive classes, and that leaves a bit to be desired), and the default template for IPS's upload, is rather large, been looking into making the template more like how it is here on the editor. the online list is a bit of a trick to "align" properly if you change the height of the message area, so i'm going to be redoing that as well. btw, 2.1 is available, it doesn't address any of your suggestions, but it adds a lot of new functionality and features. 

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So, There's a few things you could do to "Slim" it down.

Move the "Rooms Available" to the left of the "Settings" gear icon, to remove that entire section at the top.

Have a toggle on option for the "Uploads" of images, since you can use /img already (Everyone on my community just uploads to imgur)

This would remove the two giant spaces at the top and bottom, and make it easier to view the chat (With the exception of the Copyright you provide, I'll be buying the license to remove it. You could also move that to the top left of the "Rooms Available" so that you'd see the copyright, Rooms available, and then settings all next to each other)

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if you don't require the uploads, you can disable it for each room in the permissions, when in the rooms section in the acp click on the lock icon and uncheck "upload" then save, the upload section will no longer be in that room.

now the rooms available in the whisper bar, i'll play around and see what i can come up with, as i don't particular like the idea of it being there. I like it where it isScreenshot from 2016-06-30 18-21-43.pngScreenshot from 2016-06-30 18-22-20.png

it also looks like you theme is adding in additional padding that isn't there on my theme or the default them for those areas.

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