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Excluded IP still shown.

Eric BXL
  • CJ Duplicate Member Logger 1.0.2 Pending Bug

Although set to exclude from duplicate IP checking in ACP>members>administrator>CJ-DML, my 2 accounts are shown as dupes in the ModeratorCP.

Picture in attachment.


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Gosh, maybe CJ Menu clients have priority above all other customers, but having to wait so long for this is not funny anymore.

I see some (.nosleep) have even posted before me without receiving any reply at all !

After sending a PM I was requested to post it as it would go faster, but darn, it isn't at all.

Not happy at all with this and, as I bought the plugin from there, I'm thinking about reporting it to InvisionPower ! <_<

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Like i mentioned in the PM you sent, I don't do anything with IP addresses. 

When i tested, I wasn't able to reproduce it locally. The excluded member doesn't get logged from a sub account, as it does check to see if any of the accounts involved are excluded. I do apologize if you feel I've neglected the issue here, I do look at all the reports. 

As for the other "no answer" reports, the one you speak of is a "suggestion", and the others have never responded back again, so there was little I could do to address their issues. 

I've gone back and checked out the exclusion feature again, I was unable to reproduce the issue again. Maybe you are doing something that i haven't thought of, if you could detail what you do to get it to trigger, I'll try that out. I've tested it out in chrome, firefox, edge and IE, but since what actually does the logging is server side, I don't think it would make a difference.

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