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Logging RSS bots with real users

Alexander Scott
  • CJ Duplicate Member Logger 1.0.5 Pending Bug

Hello, I have 2 accounts that post RSS content from other sites, well in the logger it has logged users as if these account belong to them when it doesn't


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I'm trying to see how this would be possible. cause of the way it works.

it works like this:

user 1 logs in, doesn't have cjdml cookie, a cookie is then created and set.

user 1 logs out, cookie is still there.

user 1 logs in as user 2, cjdml checks the cookie, it doesn't match the one that user 2 would create, so it logs user 2 as a alt of user 1. 

are these bots the ones that can be created for forums? or are they another form of bot? 

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looking at how they run when they are set to background process as people browse, it seems that is what has done it. your RSS bots get triggered to run as that person is browsing, the cjdml process detects that persons cookie, and logs them as an alt, even tho that person never logged in as them. 

I'm gonna have to do some test to figure out a way to prevent this programmatically, for now any of your "bot" accounts, you can go edit them in acp->members->members,

Screenshot from 2016-07-01 13-34-14.png

click on the cjdml tab and exclude them, they wont be logged as main accounts or as alts, its not ideal, but this will take some thinking on how to implement.

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