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Allow to call for outside html content

Jeff Mack
  • Keyword Tooltip 3.0.5 Possible Feature Suggestion

This script is exactly what I was looking for, the one thing I would like to be able to do is setup a way to do the hover over, but not with the normal tool tip.  I would like an option to call a larger or specific sized window (say 400x300 or something like that).   You would then also enter in your url to the page you want to load.  When people hover over your keyword, the window will pop up and you can do an ajax load of the page inside that space.  Basically you handle the setup, we handle the content.

So for example, for my site, I do stuff about lego that has specific set numbers.  When people type in certain words like Death Star or 10188, I would like to load a little "widget of information" that might include graphics or update to date sale pricing.  This would be ideas for that.

My ideas

1. Have an admin option to name and set certain display sizes like (300x300, 400x300,640x480, etc)  These could be self named (Info Window, Deal Window, Photo Window)

2. On the key word, add a checkbox for Ajax Load Call (or something like that)

3. When that is check, then a new textbox shows an people can enter the url (mysite.com/special/load10188.html)



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