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[BUG] chat removes text entered after sending previous message

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our users have experienced text removal when quickly typing a new message while the other one is still being sent to the server. E. g. if I type "Hello" [Enter] "World" in quick succession, "World" will be removed from the entry field by the time "Hello" is printed to the chat. If the second message is longer, only the first few characters are removed. It seems to me that somehow these characters are added to the first message, but are then lost on the way to the server, or on the way back to the client, since they are not printed to the chat.

Would be really cool if you could look into this.

Best regards,

Alex from TolkienForum.De


small edit: added babble version

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they are being lost cause the message area gets cleared after the message is successfully sent. in 3, it will clear as soon as enter/send is hit. since 3 has been delayed due to me being ill for so long, i will see if it will be easy to change the behavior in 2. 

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