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CJ Duplicate Member Logger breaking attachments downloading

  • CJ Duplicate Member Logger 1.0.10 CJ Duplicate Member Logger 1.0.9 Closed Bug


Since version 4.1.14, CJ Duplicate Member Logger is preventing any attached file from being downloaded at our install.

This is the answer we got from IPS support:



This is actually due to the "CJ Duplicate Member Logger" application that is currently installed. If I disable that application, then I am able to download the attachment normally.
I would recommend contacting the author of that application regarding this issue.

Ryan Ashbrook
Invision Power Services, Inc.


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i've been trying to figure out this one, but its turning into a rather long process as its not throwing a catchable exception or error, so i'm having to go line by line of cjdml/sources/Member/Member.php which is a 300 line class, to figure out what is causing it. it is slow going.

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