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CJ Menu bug

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The Newest version of CJ Menu has a conflict when using the iAwards.  I've uploaded the latest versions of both applications.  When selecting iAwards as an application in the menu the user (me as an admin) obtains a direct link to admin cp when selecting "Awards" in the menu.  The user "guest, or member" sees a direct link to login the admin cp. --heh not good.  

If I choose "Awards" to be an internal link vs an application I get the Forums index or my home page.

Upon disabling the CJ menu the Awards page shows correctly when selecting "Awards"  


-- For now I've removed "Awards" from my menu as I don't want the admin links visible.


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this isn't really a bug with cj menu but with awards. you will need to contact the author of the app and let them know that their "FrontNavigation" extensions for their app on the "link()" method is missing its "location" parameter (which should be 'front') in \IPS\Http\Url

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