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CJ Menu 3.0 ChangeLog

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  • Bring back the "traditional" dropdowns like ProMenu had
  • Rewrite the javascript from controllers to widgets (this should improve the speed and reusability, along with fix issues that hover has)
  • Improve ACP functionality. Right now the creation of menu is a bit "complicated", want to streamline that process.
  • Improve the mobile menu. Something CJ Menu has struggled with since the first version. 2.1 added in the "MM" menu style, but its limited in what it can do with it, want to extend ALL features of CJ Menu to it.¬†
  • Integrate "Activity Stream" support better, possibly creating a group that exist outside of primary/header.
  • Quick Links: Allow users to create their own "custom" group, where they can add internal links, sorta like "bookmarks".
  • Replace IPS "menu" widget, so things "look&feel" more consistent with cjmenu menus.¬†doesn't seem like it will be possible due to the nature of the framework.
  • "Stem" improvements. Right now stems only look decent with certain "behaviors", want to try to increase that.
  • Increase number of "behaviors" there are a lot of jqueryUI and css based "animations" i simply don't offer, I would like to "increase" this number by a few, but this is really a "vanity" thing, as some of them can get annoying if configured weirdly like if they are configured to have a long "opening" time.
  • Vertical Menu. ProMenu had the option to do "vertical" menus, CJ Menu doesn't have this option mainly due to the "mega" menu style and some of the styling choices I made.
  • anything else that my mind or your mind can come up with. Please leave comments below if you want to see a feature.

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