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Create "My Activity Streams"

  • CJ Menu 4.0.5 Closed Bug

How can I get "My Activity Streams" dropdown using CJ menu?  I'm not getting a dropdown where I can specifically create my own streams as on the IPS website.   I get and error stating what I'm trying to view is unavailable.

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Create a menu item, call it "Activity", in the type tab, select the following:

Link Type: Application

Application: System

Front Navigation: All Activity

(sub item will be blank)

save the menu item.

then create a sub menu for the "activity" menu item,  call it "Create New Stream". on the type tab, select "Internal" and put this as the Internal URL:


any custom streams will attach itself as sub-menu to the "Activity" menu item. 

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This didn't happen for me as I get the error:  

Sorry, there is a problem

The page you requested does not exist

Error code: 1S160/2



I do have an automatic submenu item called "Your Streams"  that is located right next to "Activity"   but streams like "Content I Follow", or "Unread Content", etc.  Including a link to create a new activity feed don't exist in that stream.

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do this, create a new group, call it whatever you like.

now go to that group, click on Group Management->Import Front Navigation

in the pop up, select "Front Navigation". it will build a new menu tree based on the front navigation. one of them will be called "All Activity". Click on the edit and for group select primary. this will add all the stuff that is associated with the activity streams.

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