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Error message using Get Support IPS > CJ 3.0.1

  • CJ Menu 3.0.1 Not A Bug Suggestion

IPS Community Support
PHP Version 5.6.23
MySQL Version 5.5.49-0+deb8u1

CJ Menu 3.0.1

Using AdminCP > System > Support > "Something isn't working correctly" i get following message. Have a look to line 3. IPS Support told me to open request here.
Error message attached in cj.txt file



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Hello Michael,

sorry to send you the first "bug". In all this cases i contact IPS first. I am only the user without the necessary background. You can charge us.

I updated a few minutes ago to with changed bug message (attached) and send it also to IPS.



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its sorta complicated to explain what is going on here, it is a "cj menu bug" but not caused by "cj menu" if that makes any sense. the field it is saying is incorrect is a text field. the db checker make sure the db schema matches the db schema file. in the file the length for the field is NULL, but the database reports it as 0 (which in PHP, if its a equal operator they are the same, if its an identical operator, they are not). 

I say it is a IPS bug, cause the database schema file for cj menu hasn't changed really since the official 1.0.0 release of it, and I used their dev tools to export/write the database schema file. it also happens on fresh installs of cj menu to my dev boards, so there hasn't been any time for the database to have changed to throw the error, and clicking on "fix it" doesn't fix it either, as there isn't anything to fix. 

I'll change the null to a 0 in the database schema file for cj menu 4.0, as i'm not sure when IPS will fix it or they are going to fix it, and just have us change the schema files. feel free any time to post a bug for my apps here, i can determine if it is my bug or IPS bug :). 


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Ah, also a sunday worker. We are in automotive data business. In our company we have three programmer and i am the guy you test our software. It's a painful job.

Go ... take your kids ... your partner, take time for you and drink some beers and send me the invoice. Sunday working is not clever but sometimes necessary.

I hope IPS guys are clever enough.

Our former forum software was vbulletin and they brought me nearly to grave.

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