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I guess it is not worth renewing? :(

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I see that cjmenu is now for sale for less than I paid and without renewals,

So instead of me paying every 6 months $10, I could just buy again and after 12 months it would cost less.

Not sure if you are giving up on this but I have always found it to be a great product. So if you are thank you for the work over the last year or three.



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I assumed when i dropped the renewal, that it would also null out the renewal period for the invoices. I guess i was wrong. I will manually handle them this weekend, if you need it done before then, let me know.

As for why i removed the renewal. There are a few reasons, none of which where i plan to "drop" support for it.

  1. vertical limit reached - I don't see any future advancements i can make to cj menu, that wouldn't bloat it or turn it into something more than a "menu manager". there are already features in it that push the limit of what a menu manager should be doing any ways.
  2. competition - the only competition i really have would be the IPS default menu, its pretty much static in its development, and most people find it all they need or satisfactory cause the skin they are using alters it to more of what they wanted any way. So the i can only compete with features and i've already determined cj menu imho is feature complete and any additional features would be bloat.
  3. Third Party Themes - There are a lot of third party themes that CJ Menu's primary group doesn't work with, but the header groups work just fine and/or any group that is created. with a renewal, a lot of clients felt that i was obligated to spend 40 hours fixing the third party theme (cause i have a $20 a year renewal, to some, that translates into a belief of 'ownership' of me) so cj menu would work with it. with no renewal i can justify charging for that additional work more readily if its going to take more than an hour or so to "fix it".
  4. Renewal rate - no one really renews, out of like the 80 people, only like 4 or 5 renew religiously, the rest "when it breaks" and to be honest that is far and few between. CJ Menu has been remarkably "stable", there only has been twice since it coming out for 4.0.0, that an IPS upgrade broke it, and one of them was due to changes in their menu system when 4.1 came out, other than that, its been relatively unchanged since inception. I have of course made changes to the code and improvements, to it as i grew with learning what could be done with IPS 4's framwork.

So for these reasons, I have been thinking of passing the torch to some one else on it, maybe they can take it further than i want to, but i don't know yet. 

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