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Couple usability suggestions

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1. Is there a way to keep the tabs of whispers until you manually close them? The messages/whispers disappear if you refresh the page, which is a bummer to most people. Or being able to recall/open old whispers could be just as beneficial. 

2. We mainly use the widget room for the "globality" (can see it on every page) of it. Make the default widget room have the same usability of other rooms (pop-out, room selection, show the widget room in the overall room selection).  --- or should I just make the room that shows up on every page NOT the widget room?


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1. this will be in version 3.0.0, whispers were a late edition to 2.0.0 and didn't get a lot of attention with everything else that was being added in.

2. the widget room is a "special" room. the idea behind it was to give babble the "feel" of the shoutbox that was on IPB 3. but i will explore expanding the features for the widget in 3.0.0.

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