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image spoiler should be able to be turned off

  • Babble 2.2.5 Possible Feature Suggestion

My members would like to see images directly.

It's a nice idea to hide pictures for the discussion flow but it affords additional clicks that annoys some of my members if they talk a lot about pictures.

There should be an option to turn it on or off.

Or if the spoiler is only used, if an image or video is in size beyond.. XYZ dimension.

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hopefully this explanation will "satiate" your members.

when i original wrote babble, it was really geared to ideas for mobile devices, one of those is to reduce bandwidth usage. The guy who originally commissioned babble, one of his biggest complaints form mobile users was on the chat he used, that it would eat up a lot of their available bandwidth cause his users were posting a lot of big images that had to be loaded. he wanted a way to to "hide" them, and only loaded after a user interaction. so if any of his members complained about the bandwidth from the images, they'd only have themselves to blame.

now i've toyed with the idea, as i've had several request to remove this feature (but i think i'd have many more complaints if i removed it outright), to make it a user setting feature, that they can set it to be enabled or disabled. we will see tho :) 

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