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Kjell Iver Johansen
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Could you post an init-script for use on our server? 

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yeah, different versions of the same distro can use different init systems. most of them use systemd now days. there are still a few hold outs on using sysV and some might still being usings ubuntu's upstart.

I'll get a guide written up for how to add one for systemd and your tech guy can get it configured and running :).

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sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/babble.service

create the file, it will open, put this as the content:

Description=Babble Server

ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /path/to/babble/node/folder/babble.js
RestartSec=5                        # Restart service after 5 seconds if node service crashes
StandardOutput=syslog               # Output to syslog
StandardError=syslog                # Output to syslog
#User=<alternate user>
#Group=<alternate group>
Environment=NODE_ENV=production PORT=3000


note: if you didn't symlink nodejs to node in /usr/bin, ExecStart would be:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/nodejs /path/to/babble/node/folder/babble.js

ctrl+o (saves it), ctrl+x will exit it. (this is if you use nano, use whatever cli editor you want).

next enable:

sudo systemctl enable babble.service


systemctl start babble.service

verify it:

systemctl status babble.service

this is for systemd (which i believe was adopted for ubuntu server 14.10, but it is def in 16.04 lts).

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