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Question about babble

Kjell Iver Johansen
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Hello Michael

I have two boards highly dependent on chat (fjellforum.no and gitarnorge.no)  - and IPS will remove that service this coming spring. Both boards are located on a shared server. That host does not allow node.js.

I have another VPSserver that I don't use. i have a testboard there - and there I can install node.js. Would it be possible to install babble on that server - and run the chat there for the two other boards??

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yes you can do it this way. there are a few things you will have to do differently. you will need to purcahse 2 copies of babble, copy over the Node folder in babble\sources\Node over to the VPS. (you can rename the folder, so you can name the folder site1 and site2 for the second one).  then edit the babble.js, make sure the privatekey for site1 matches the privatekey in the ACP for site 1 and same for site2. you will need to also run them on different ports. so set site1 to port 3000 and site2 to port 3001 (or whatever ports you like, i just use 3000 as its usually not used already and open in most firewall configurations). start up the babble scripts in forever for each site. then in the Node Settings for each, in the Node URL you'd do:


if you have ssl, it will require a bit more leg work as the VPS would need to be running ssl and have its own certificate. 

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12 minutes ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:


Yes - I have SSL on both domains - so I would need to setup SSL on the testboard as well.. puhh.

Is ACP for Babble located in IPS ACP - or does it have its own Control Panel?


Its in the IPS ACP, it has its own section called "babble", it has a few sub sections of its own, one of them being General, and on the "Node Settings" tab you will find what you need to configure it. babble itself is completely integrated into IPS, all the nodejs really does is facilitate the broadcasting of the online list and the messages sent, it does sound like its really a small part, but websockets allow it to be true realtime chat and the database usage is severely limited as the only time it ever touches the database, is when the message is first sent or when you enter a room (or coming back from idle it checks to see if there are any new messages since going idle). 

I have not tested it with a self signed certificate yet, to see how well that works :) or you can opt for one of those low cost or free ones from like comodo or see if your vps host offers free or cheap ones as well, that offer the basic stuff. i think they call them "positiveSSL" or something like that. 

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