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Babble Setup Through Plesk

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I wonder if you've ever configured Babble on a Plesk managed server that uses Phusion Passenger for Node.js?

I got this response from Plesk support on setting up  Node.js application on a a specific port.


The Node.js application must not run with the port on a production server. When Node.js application is deployed via Plesk Onyx, the application server (Phusion Passenger or iisnode) works with the web server to proxy requests from a site visitor (on ports 80/443) to the application

So I setup Babble in IPBoard with no port.   The chat kind of works.  What you type shows up in chat, but you can't see anyone in the room.  

I tried following your page below, but the chat stopped working all together.


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front what i read about plesk onyx and Phusion Passenger, you just set phusion manager to start the app regular, so configure babble.js like in the guides, and then start it up (it will intercept and use the other ports that they've setup), then for your node url, i'd imagine just put your sites url there, like https://mysite.com.

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I see, it does sort of work, I just wasn't being patient enough.

When people enter the room, they can chat immediately and that will show up in the chat for everyone to see, but there is about a 3 minute delay on when you see your own avatar show up in the side panel, a few minutes after that the number of people in the chat room gets updated on the Babble menu item and a minute or two after that other people can see your avatar in the side panel.

Oh well, I'll keep running Babble on a separate server for now.

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