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Bot Messages to Honor CSS Instead of Hard Coding

  • Babble 2.1.3 Closed Suggestion

I tried adding a class attribute to the bot messages but it didn't take.

Formatting changed only when I hardcoded it (below).

<span style="color:#000000;background:#fff000;">Message</span>

If possible, I'd like the messages to support ID or class attributes (below).

<span class="my_class">Message</span>


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the chat message rows, have css classes as follow:

cBabbleMessageRow - this is the container

cBabbleUserMain - this is the user area

cBabbleDateUser - this is the timestamp when the row is collapsed like on a table or a phone or when in the sidebar

cBabbleContent - this is where the text for the message is.

cBabbleDateMain - this is the timestamp when its not collapse.

for bots a class is added tot he <li> called .cBabbleBot, so if you wanted to effect only bot messages, in your css you could scope it like:

.cBabbleBot cBabbleUserMain {}


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Thanks for replying!

Yes, when I did this it worked

.cBabbleBot .cBabbleContent p {}

However, that affects all bot messages.

I'd like to style the messages individually if possible.

Please see below post.

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I came to the same results, the text does not honor the class attribute in the individual messages. The source code output is this

<div class="cBabbleContent ipsColumn ipsColumn_fluid"><p><span>testing</span></p>  </div>

when it's supposed to be this

<div class="cBabbleContent ipsColumn ipsColumn_fluid"><p><span class="countbot_test">testing</span></p>  </div>

however, when I do this it works

<span style="color:#ff0000;font-weight:bold;">testing</span>

the source code correctly outputs this

<div class="cBabbleContent ipsColumn ipsColumn_fluid"><p><span style="color:#ff0000;font-weight:bold;">testing</span></p>  </div>



If I do this it works (the span without the class)

.cBabbleBot .cBabbleContent p span {}

But once I do this it no longer works

.cBabbleBot .cBabbleContent p span.countbot_test {}


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i'm not really sure what you mean by "individually" styling the messages, you mean from each bot? or each message the bot makes? 

i can't provide help on your second situation if you are altering the templates to achieve it.

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i'll test it out, as i don't see why this wouldn't work:

.countbot1 { 

no need to scope it. where are you adding in your css changes? to customs.css?

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okay this is the IPS Text parsing removing the css class as its not "allowed". To make it "allowed" go to ACP->Customizations->Editor->Settings, click on the advanced tab and follow the directions for adding in allowed classes.

Its not too clear in the description for the field, I'll update it in 2.2.0.

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