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This isn't really a BUG but a question and I don't see anywhere else to ask it.

I'm trying to target the .ipsPageHeader portion of just Babble to get rid of the "margin: 20px" - Any idea on how I could do this.  I want to keep that margin everywhere else except Babble.

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4 hours ago, jwyndels388 said:

Disregard this as I just realized why I DON'T want to change this now.  Will mess up the "topic" display

There's several ways to go about it but the easiest, without modifying template files is to go into custom.css and call the ID with class like

#elBabbleMainContainer .ipsPageHeader {
  margin:0 !important;

The "!important" may not be necessary since custom.css overrides the other css files.

Try it and see if that works.

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