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Insertion of internal links doesn't work correctly

  • Babble 2.2.6 Babble 2.2.4 Closed Bug

I don't know why, but...

# I can insert different links like http://www.amazon.com

# I can insert my own forums link http://www.myownforum.com 

# I can't insert longer links to my own domain, to my own forum like f.e. http://www.myownforum.com/topics/185396-test-topic/?page=2#comment-2264616

-> its impossible to even send this sort of link. Exactly nothing happens if I try to submit/send it. And this happens on my own forum. My members really require to send internal links, obviously :D

I don't see anything wrong that could initiate this behavior!

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If I change my real domain name from www.myrealdomain.com/... to www.onlyexampledomain.com/... , it works.

So there is any problem with just internal links...

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a temporary work around for this is in "General Settings" for babble, disabled "Internal Embeds", something is happening with that, that i need to debug.

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