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Line height for chat messages exceed for members with symbols in nicknames

  • Babble 2.2.5 Future Feature Suggestion

F.e. if a member has a very long nickname/display name, some of them are not shown correctly. In some cases they are even cut off.

If a member has special symbols in it (- , . ) or empty spaces, it even spreads over 2 or 3 lines.

It should be configurable:

  • The column width for displaying nicknames
  • The maximum line height for displaying nicknames

Or any other improvement to make it more compact, as it wastes a lot space.

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this is fixed in version 3, as the displayname and message box in version 2 is sorta cluttered already, 3 does it in a significantly better way. you can view what it looks like here on this site by going to "babble" in the menu.

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