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"My Activity Streams" in CJMenu?

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How can I get CJMenu to create a list of streams under the "My Activity Streams" item? I'd like to include both the preset streams, and the users custom streams - just as the default IPS menu does.



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Hi Michael, I was just wondering if there had been any progress on fixing this issue?

IPB4.1 relies heavily on Activity Streams to show members new content, so if it's not working, it's a pretty big deal.

Right now, my members are unable to use the following functions:
- My Activity Streams menu
- Unread content
- Content I follow

Is there an ETA on a fix for this?

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Sorry Michael, I don't think we understand each other. Here are the problems I am having...


1) In the front end, the user's Custom Streams currently show under "All Activity", but they should instead show under "My Activity Streams". (See the screenshot above, or the IPS forum for an example of this.)

2) In the ACP, if I set Front Navigation = My Activity Streams, the Sub-items listed include all the default streams. But:
- There is no option to include a user's Custom Streams or a Create New Stream button here.
- It also includes my own personally created streams (in this example I created one called "A test stream").


3) When I add any of these Sub-Items (eg, Unread Content) to a menu, the link does not work. Instead of taking me to https://community.invisionpower.com/discover/unread/ the links just reload the current page.

As I say, the activity streams are a big part of IPS4.1 so I really hope to get them working in CJMenu soon. Thanks in advance. :-)

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I'll try to explain this as best as I can. 

1. CJ Menu isn't the default menu. The default menu is heavily hand rolled to do certain things a certain way (as they only allow so much in it), there is a large amount of code dedicated to making the custom streams and "my activity" streams appear together. They are separate things here, as it allows the custom streams to grow independently of the 'default" streams.  To me, connecting them to "all activity" makes more sense than attaching them to "my activity" . Here is an example of "why".


This allows the "activity" items to exist by themselves in other menu groups, without having to worry about it populating multiple places, if you are trying to achieve a quick location menu.

2. I'll try to filter out the users custom streams in the "acp". "create new streams" isn't a "front navigation" or "sub item" option, its a "linked" url. if you do a "import frontnavigation", its specialized code in the importer to create a link to. I'll update CJ Menu's documentation to reflect this.  You can duplicate it by creating a new "menu item" call it "Create New Stream", go to "type", set it to "internal" and add this to the "internal url" text box:


3. In the latest release, I've fixed the problem. If the problem is still happening, verify you are on 2.1.1, delete them if need be and recreate (if it continues after this, I'll see if i can dupe, but currently they work for me on localhost and dev).

I understand streams are a big part of of 4.1, it is why I've gone thru a long process to give you as much flexibility with the feature as possible, at the same time trying to fit them as best I can with CJ Menu features ( CJ menu I simply don't have the luxury worrying about 1 menu like the IPS default menu does, CJ Menu is capable of many menu groups, what makes sense for the Primary group, might not make sense for a menu group that hangs out only on one page, or globally in the footer/other location). Everything you want is there, just requires some elbow grease to get there. Create another group and do a import of the frontnavigation or the 'default menu', see how the automation handles it.

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Thanks Michael. I appreciate the detailed response.

1. I see what you mean, and I like your example... I may even adopt the same position for the Activity Streams menu! It certainly makes a lot of sense up there. However, for maximum flexibility (:P) would it be possible to have the "All Activity" link without the "Default Streams" as a child menu? In your example, you don't seem to have an "All Activity" link, or a Custom Streams menu... where would these sit if you did have them?

2. No problems. I thought it would be part of the application menu, but I can certainly create it manually.

3. Sorry, I hadn't seen there was a 2.1.1 released. I've updated, and it's now working well (I just need to go through and re-save the links.)

37 minutes ago, Michael said:

I'll update CJ Menu's documentation to reflect this.

Speaking of which, the documentation page is all set in monospaced text with no line wrapping. It means it extends off my screen, and is very hard to read (especially as there's no horizontal scrollbar for some reason!).



Finally, on an unrelated note, when I add Attributes to a menu item (eg a CSS class) it gets added to the <a> anchor tag, not the <li> list item. Personally, I think it would make more sense to put the attributes on the containing <li> tag, as then it's easy to style any submenus. (Admittedly it's still possible now by looking for the <a> tag and then targeting the next adjacent <li> - but it's just a little more convoluted!)

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The style/class thing is from promenu, we had a huge discussion with folks about it, the anchors won out against the listers. In 3.0 I'll certainly entertain making one for the list element too. Make a suggestion for it as I'll be beginning 3.0 in the next week or so.

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btw, yeah the documentation sucks, it use to display well, not exactly sure what changed. I'll be redoing it for 3 as well. this is from a version before i did the "documentation" thing, a bit outdated but should contain a majority of the information.


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