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Notifications Do Not Always Show?

  • Babble 2.2.1 Gremlins Bug

When members enter or leave chat there are notification messages. Sometimes they don't show up.

Sometimes the notification sounds don't sound.

Members have reported it. It's not consistent. Is it a bug?

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the entry and exit messages are now tied into the sounds for entry/leave. if they aren't enabled in their settings, then they wont see the entry/leave messages or hear the sounds. Had a lot of complaints about not being able to disable the messages, and didn't want to make the settings menu more complicated, so i tied the two together. it is in the change log.

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Ok, thanks Michael! I'll let the others know.

I'll need to double check what settings the other users had, but all my sounds were enabled. Sometimes the chat sounds (send/receive) didn't play. I didn't notice a pattern, it was intermittent.

One time when the sounds weren't playing someone came into the chat and then the entry sound played. After that then the other notification sounds played. It was if all of the sounds were tied in together and when one sound played it triggered the other sounds to play.

However, the sounds are much more consistent than the previous version (2.1.3).


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