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reverse order landscape scroll issue - whispers

  • Babble 2.2.4 Closed Bug

I think you previously fixed the auto-scroll issue for the rooms, per this entry:

It appears that there is still an issue with whispers not being scrolled.  Is it possible to do the same fix that you did for the rooms to whispers?

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I'll have another go at it, but it will probably have to wait for 3, as 3 has a new method i've built for it to handle it (as 1&2's method was an existing jquery plugin i scarffed up and adapted to use in the IPS framework, it has had some issues, but the new method, is purely from the ground up designed with babble in mind).

mobile OS are weird, sometimes they send a touch event, other times they send a click event. like with a "orientation" change, iOS sends a resize event, but it will at times freeze the JS thread as its rotating and my JS doesn't catch the rotation event. i could use a timer to detect any resize in the screen, but the problem there, iOS loves to pause timers when scrolling, when off tab or app is unfocused and it doesn't always unfreeze them (why idle at times is finicky on babble too). android does similar things, its enough to drive a web developer mad! almost makes me want to learn app development, and come out with a white label app for babble :) (not saying that is something i am thinking of or wont consider :) )

the other weird thing, are browsers. there are standards in web development that tell me what to expect when i use a certain js function or css rule or html tag, those are great. i can go reference them, see it in my mind, but then there are the browser dev's who have their own idea how things should look and work. like chrome will put ungodly amounts of padding and margins to list elements, but firefox and edge wont let you style scrollbars, but chrome and webkit browsers will. at one time, firefox would allow you to style all form elements, same with chrome and IE, etc, but for awhile there. some one at firefox felt that they should force their will onto the entire web development world, and force all text inputs to look a certain way. to me as a web developer, I think i should have the ability to tell it via css/style a scrolled overflow div which way it should natural want to scroll too, but browser developers think it should always scroll to the top...

sorry for the "story", i tend to explain things, especially if its not easy for me to "fix" something :).

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Sorry for not putting more detail in my initial post.  I initially had the problem using Firefox on Windows 10.  I'll give you some more info to go on next time.   B|

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