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Sounds Not Working?

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1) I noticed that the sounds are random. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

After much hit and miss I changed the paths of the sound files, and now there are no sounds. I even cleared the cache.

Other members have reported the same occurrence.

2) When I change the URL for the "leave" sound it automatically reverts back to the default path.

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if you are experiencing this on a mobile device, then there is an additional step to enable sounds and they have to be enabled each time with the sound icon button (as mobile OS's require a user interaction to load and play sounds). 

I'll check the code for the changing of the sounds, as it will fall back to the default sound if it can't find the replacement.

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Hi Michael,

Again, thank you for the replies.

This happens on the PC, and I've confirmed this with everyone too. They are all experiencing the same issue.

I noticed when I change (not only) the path, but the files too, it still plays the default sounds. Even when the cache is cleared.

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