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Bitbucket Integrations


To integrate with bitbucket, you will need to configure OAuth in your bitbucket account. go to your bitbucket acccount and then go to your bitbucket settings. In settings go to Access Management, click on OAuth. in OAuth click on 'Add Consumer".  setup  everything, you will need to enter a callback URL, as we will be using OAuth 2, but we don't use it for authentication, so you can point it to your front page. 

for permissions, make sure you  give read permissions for repository and read/write for issues.


Save it.  on the Oauth page, in OAuth Consumers, you will see your client credentials you just created. click on it to expand, and you will find the Client Key and Client Secret.


now you go to your project in stratagem. go to the project settings and scroll down to the repository section. Select bitbucket as the type.

For account name, enter your bitbucket account name exactly how it appears on your account.

Enter the client key from your credentials from OAuth in Client Key/Id.

Enter the client secret from your credentials from OAuth in Client Secret.

Enter the repository name you want to sync too, enter the repository's name exactly how it appears on your account. 

If you want to pull issues from your tracker as cards, enable Pull Issues and then select the incoming column cards are to be added too.  

The task for pulling issues runs every 12 hours.

With bitbucket now synced with your project, you will be able to attach commits to any cards created in your project. if you mark a card as complete and it is a card that was imported from issues, it will mark the issue as complete in your tracker. if you mark the imported card as incomplete, it will also mark it as open on your tracker.


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