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      This is held for legacy purposes, if you are in need of support (and have purchased from the store here, please use the ticket system), for general support please use the Bug Tracker. 

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    • hello, I've responded to this inquiry over on the IPS thread "Babble: Real Time Chat".  
    • did i run over your dog? wrong you in a past life? not sure what the hostility is for. I have never said i wouldn't fix my apps if a problem is reported for them not working on a new version of IPS. the problem originally with 4.1.19 was an actual bug with IPS itself (not with CJ Menu), it presented as a CJ Menu bug due to CJ Menu using theme hooks in PHP Mode. I was the one that identified and reported the problem, and then had the problem escalated to get fixed ASAP cause i am not the only developer that uses those types of hooks. it would've only been a matter of time before reports for others apps and plugins that used those types of hooks would've become noticed. So i am not sure where you get the idea that i've said i would never fix it due to a change in IPS. so please correct yourself.  as for problems other people have had, if they never report the problem to me, and only post 2 post in my forums about how crappy the product is. without ever seeking actual help from me (like contacting me via pm or making a ticket or bug report or using the contact us form) i am not sure what i am suppose to do in "fixing" a problem that i don't know anything about.
    • So then using this logic, when IPS makes more changes (4.2) or whatever, you will quit supporting the chat because "They" changed something? Yeah, that is why I am finding other options for that too.
    • Hi. I purchased Babble to replace IP.Chat. I'm not a complete tech novice but I'm lost on a lot of what I need to do. I've installed babble but get - Babble is not connected to the node server, please contact the administrator! My site is on the IP.Board cloud package. I don't have access to FTP anymore or know what this node/js is or how to connect to it. Or the 3000 port thingy. In reviews I read that Babble works on the cloud packages, how did you get that info and set that up? Anyone? I have asked invision only to be blown off and referred back to the author of the software. My community is for mental health support the chat room is important so I feel an immense amount of pressure to get this sorted out and working asap. I don't have time for trials I'm afraid I wanted to get this installed and working before IP.Chat is removed on May 1st. Have to say I was delighted to find and read about Babble but now I don't know what I'm gonna do Someone help ?! TIA  
    • He has a trial service to make this easier.