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      I have new system in place for reporting bugs and getting support. if you are here for either, please visit the file in downloads, and click on the "support" tab. if it is a paid file, and you have purchased here and current on your renewals you should be able to make a new report. If you purchased from IPS market, and your email address is not the same as your IPS email address that you made the purchase with, you will not be able to make a report until you update your email address. the report area for support will also not appear if you are not current in your renewals. Free files should be open to anyone to add a report to the support tab.  if you have any questions feel free to post in the forums. 


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      This is held for legacy purposes, if you are in need of support (and have purchased from the store here, please use the ticket system), for general support please use the Bug Tracker. 

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    • yep i'm no stylus, i force a min. height, cause it truncates an answer after a bit and the "show more" ui widget adds a bit of padding to itself, i'll try to improve the design, but can't make any promises  i tend to keep things as basic af. mods/admins who have the ability to delete content universally or in downloads, should be able to delete questions or answers.  it is also one of the reasons why i have an option in the category settings, to only allow the file author to answer the questions, as if it is coming from them, then it is more likely to be "correct".  yeah i was thinking of having them order by the "me too" and then by date, i might make that a setting. i think it is called "groupFraming" or something like that, i know what you are talking about, i'll look to see how to do it     i don't want to touch the "core" tabs, cause lindy has said they are thinking of implementing this feature, if they don't after a few versions, I plan on making some changes to reviews at least, where they are grouped by version and then with the ability for a "my side of the story" comment to be added to it. 
    • yes you can mark them as default, but if you save it, it should unset all the others, except for the first one that was marked "default"
    • this i cause i sent you the one for 4.1, and you are using it on 4.2  reputation was replace with reactions in 4.2
    • Suggestions on Reviews & Commenting - You should allow the file poster to respond.  Because every Marketplace author wants this feature 
    • Suggestions on Q&A answers (First off, I loove this.  It makes so much sense to offer this, and I love the "I have this question too".) - Moderators or Admins should be able to approve / hide / delete answers since not all answers are correct - Questions marked with more "I have this question too" should become moer popular and be at the top - Answers provided by special membergroups should have a different border (using the postbit border feature included a couple of versions back).  I have no idea what it's called, but it's the one where Lindy and Matt's responses are in purple.