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    • Michael

      Babble Chat Service   03/18/2018

      if you are getting the disconnected message babble, ensure you are on the current version of the chat service (version 2.6.5)
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    • hopefully that clears it up  
    • yeah it is poorly worded isn't it? lol, should proof read before i impulsively post something (was going over babble code, marking stuff to keep/redo/remove in version 3 and came across the insanity that is guest in the code). 
    • It was very difficult to answer that question correctly! For me you can just remove chat for guests..
    • when i added in guest support into babble, the only reason i did this was cause the IPS chat had this "feature", but the problems i've run into is this, babble treats each user connected as its own "object". this is fine for the logged in members, i have a basis to configure everything off of, but when it comes to guest i have to "build" this object, and it makes features like "whisper" "ban" "ignore" etc, really messy in the code. if i keep this feature in babble 3, it will be greatly diminished and they wont have the full range of abilities a logged in user will have. what do you all think?
    • Question One: I would like to be able to send notifications out about to service users about maintenance or upgrade notices. I would like to get an idea how people feel about this before i implement it. this would only affect the chat service, self hosted would not be on the same network and would not be able to receive these messages.  Question Two: There are services out there that can make this happen more easily than i could if i was writing the code fully on my own. these services have additional charges, now there are "free ones" available but they sell the information they gather from the notifications. I'd like to preserve the privacy of the clients, by offering this service, but this would increase my over all cost of running the service.  Question Three: Adding IPS "reactions" to the messages. not much more to say on this one. Question Four: I would like to expand babble's bots as much as possible, was thinking of doing one for twitter which will post messages from a specific user, possibly a certain hashtag. youtube, link videos from a user/channel. RSS import, similar to how it is done in the forums, but for the babble bot. Other, any other ideas you have bots.