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      Babble Bonanza!   07/26/2017

      From now till August 31st 2017, get a $25 discount off the Babble Chat Service!  use the coupon code: Babble Bonanza at checkout to receive the discount! 
    • Michael

      4 day weekend   08/16/2017

      Tomorrow, 8/18, is my birthday and i will be taking a 4 day weekend (as monday is the solar eclipse, and i only live a few miles from its path, where we will get 2 minutes 38 seconds of total eclipse. i'm really excited, i've only seen a partial eclipse and i was like 8). so to say the least i will more than likely not be readily available on the 18th or 21st. 


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    • yes cause it is not 4.2 compatible. I had plans last weekend to get it upgraded and work on those "other" fixes we conversed about, but i lost power on saturday and got it back early thrusday morning (had a very violent summer storm roll thru).  for the future, support is done here: click on the "support" tab. I currently have it open to any one who is registered on the site can leave make a report. 
    • Media breaks IPS 4.2 with the following error Fatal error: Interface 'IPS\Content\Reputation' not found in /site.com/applications/cjmedia/sources/Media/Media.php on line 15  
    • there wasn't an "update" in july, i edited something on the description of it at the end of june on the IPS market, but there was no new version. the last version came out in september of last year. This app doesn't do anything with the IP's atm, but there is a planned revamp of the app that i hope to get to before the end of summer. it still wont be a "catch all be all"  to dubious members, as it was more of an app to give an idea of people logging in from the same browser into multiple accounts. I still have to obey privacy laws and what not, and a lot of the methods outside of what i am doing, would be a illegal in a lot of countries including my own, the US.  I was once "given" a JS library that was able to exploit holes in all the browsers to leave a "fingerprint" that could be used to identify people, the more i looked into it, the more i realized it would be illegal to release this in an app. as it would bring liability at my door as well as yours. so it might "suck" to some people, i hope you at least understand i don't want to do anything with the app that could land you or me, into legal trouble. Take the EU for instance, it is illegal in EU countries for websites to "store" information, that can not be removed easily, like flushing the cookies/cache/etc. In the US it is illegal to use ETAGS to track people, which was another way i was looking into expanding this app. it is also amazing the lengths of what some people will go to to have multiple accounts on a site. I had gotten contacted once by a client, they had a guy who had 8 different computers in his house, each used to log into 8 different accounts, and they all had their own "hotspot" hooked into them so they couldn't track him by IP either. 
    • Has this been improved with the July update? Previously it failed to detect most duplicate accounts. Currently I have to manually check every IP address used by a member and see if they have logged registrations.  This is a very reliable way to see if, at the very least, multiple accounts have been registered using the same IP address. Would be nice if this addon could do this correlating for me.
    • yep i'm no stylus, i force a min. height, cause it truncates an answer after a bit and the "show more" ui widget adds a bit of padding to itself, i'll try to improve the design, but can't make any promises  i tend to keep things as basic af. mods/admins who have the ability to delete content universally or in downloads, should be able to delete questions or answers.  it is also one of the reasons why i have an option in the category settings, to only allow the file author to answer the questions, as if it is coming from them, then it is more likely to be "correct".  yeah i was thinking of having them order by the "me too" and then by date, i might make that a setting. i think it is called "groupFraming" or something like that, i know what you are talking about, i'll look to see how to do it     i don't want to touch the "core" tabs, cause lindy has said they are thinking of implementing this feature, if they don't after a few versions, I plan on making some changes to reviews at least, where they are grouped by version and then with the ability for a "my side of the story" comment to be added to it.