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Bots 3.0.0


the 3 types of per room bots in Babble, Count, Phrase and Time bot were able to be set per room. However there wasn't a way to copy them to another room or share them. if you wanted a specific bot to be used in multiple rooms, you were forced to recreate it in each of those rooms.

In 3.0.0, bots are created separately from the rooms, but can be shared between any of the rooms. They continue to work more or less the same way they do now, and have similar requirements. the biggest change is now they are shared to the rooms like the notification bot is, instead of being for one room only.





each bot type can be configured here, each bot has their own settings that are unique to them, but you can select which room they will operate in. The interface is more less confusing, as i was using a "customize" stack form helpers, that had a bad layout but it was the simplest solution imho to make the bots multi room, when originally they were singular and operated in any room. with this new UI, i cleaned up a lot of the bad layout and reduces the confusion imho. I will do my best to transfer the bots you already have, but this might not be possible. 

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